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Do readymade (chemist/service station) spectacles really work?

Quite often I see people wearing the over the counter magnifier spectacles (Readymades) that are purchased from chemist, service stations etc.

Although they may seem ok and a cheap alternative they are actually doing you more harm than good. WHY you ask? There are quite a few reasons you should not wear readymade spectacles other than an emergency.

  • Our eyes are not usually the same. Quite often each eye requires a different prescription to see clearly. Readymade spectacles are the same prescription in both eyes therefore one eye could be ok and the other not seeing at its best.
  •  For a prescription lens to work properly they need to be centred to line up with our eyes. Readymade spectacles are pre-set to a certain centration and therefore chances are it won’t be a correct match to your eyes.
  • The consistency of readymade prescription lenses is very unreliable. Just because it says +200 doesn’t mean that both lenses are in fact +200. I have seen readymades where one lens is under strength slightly and the other is over strength, again this can cause eye strain. A large percentage of readymade spectacles don’t conform to Australian standards.

Because of these reasons, readymade spectacles can cause eye strain, headaches and watery eyes to name a few symptoms as the eyes struggle to see clearly and effectively. If you wear readymades then have a think about how much clearer you could see with a proper set of prescription reading glasses. Kellyville Optical can provide a wide range of reading spectacles to cater for all budgets so why not get a custom made set and see clearer today?